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BREAK THE SILENCE – Know the Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer

The Barbara Melamed Memorial Library

This warm, inviting library, located in CST’s office, provides a comfortable environment where patients and family members can find books, pamphlets and resource guides about:

  • Specific cancer diagnoses
  • Ways to cope with treatment side effects
  • Other organizations and resources that offer help to cancer patients and their families

Books can be read on site, or borrowed.



Additional Resources

CST staff educates patients and families, free of charge, in a variety of ways. Some of the education we provide includes:

  • Personalized information about patients’ cancer diagnoses, which includes answering questions about treatment options recommended by their medical providers
  • Printed materials about cancer-related issues
  • Our annual Women’s Health Awareness Luncheon, which features internationally renowned experts who speak about cancer-related issues and concerns
  • Workshops on topics such as survivorship and cancer-related community resources
  • Life Lines: A resource for cancer patients & their families -the only guide to local, regional and national resources


Cancer Support Covers
Cancer Support Covers
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