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Arnold Wald
Arnold Wald, MD
CST Co-Founder
1924 – 2013

“CST is one of the best things I’ve done in my life – and it will live beyond me. That’s the great thing.”

Gayle Lee
Gayle Lee, RN, MHA
CST Co-Founder
1939 – 2008

“The Cancer Support Team has been my proudest creation outside of my family, and is today an extraordinary provider of services and care.”

Cancer Support Team was founded in 1978 under the guidance and vision of Arnold Wald, M.D. and Gayle Lee, R.N. In the beginning, Cancer Support Team didn’t have a real office, but a true niche was filled to serve in the community that no organization filled. They understood the special needs of cancer patients, and created what has become the only Westchester-based home care program providing nursing and supportive care to those with cancer and their families at any stage of the disease, at no cost and without regard to insurance coverage. CST incorporated in 1983 as a non-profit organization and, in 1992, became licensed by the New York State Department of Health.

Throughout its history, CST has provided services to people affected by cancer in unique and meaningful ways. CST patients come from all walks of life, all religious beliefs and financial circumstances. Patients also come to CST at many different stages in their cancer journey. Some are newly diagnosed and frightened. Others are experiencing a recurrence of disease. Some have finished active treatment and are struggling with issues related to recovery. Patients who are in the final stages of terminal illness and family members receive counseling and support.

CST has grown over the years and continues to offer a comprehensive array of medical, educational and support services. Our staff consists of nurses, social workers and case managers who provide services from diagnosis through treatment and beyond. They work in conjunction with over 100 volunteers to provide the support that those affected by cancer need to cope with the diagnosis. Today, CST serves over 750 individuals annually as well as many family members, friends and caregivers involved in their care.

Care. Compassion. Always free of charge.

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